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Alumni Track

Note: This event has already happened (2011).  Future alumni Duke Start-Up Challenge events are now incorporated into the main competition at www.dukestartupchallenge.org

Attention all Duke alumni!

You're Invited to Participate in the Duke Start-Up Challenge: Alumni Track

Cultivate your startup idea

All Duke alumni are invited to participate in the Duke Start-Up Challenge: Alumni Track, hosted by DukeGEN.  This is an opportunity for you to cultivate your startup idea and see what other members of Duke's entrepreneurial community think about it. The first step is to submit a two-page document describing your idea, due on Thursday, February 10th at 5pm ET.  Feedback will be provided to everyone that submits an idea.  At that point, the top 35 ideas will be selected, and invited to complete a business plan and investor pitch, presented via conference call in March.  The best teams will be recognized and announced on DukeGEN. 

What: Duke Start-Up Challenge: Alumni Track, hosted by the Duke Global Entrepreneurship Network (DukeGEN)
When: Spring 2011
Where: Done virtually
Who: Open to all startups led by Duke alumni (Read the Rules)
Cost: Free

  • Executive Summaries Due on Thursday, February 10th at 5pm ET
    • We suggest you consider Guy Kawasaki's thoughts on Executive Summaries.
    • While we will limit the distribution of Executive Summaries, they are not considered confidential, and should not contain information that is sensitive.
    • Two-step instructions for turning in your executive summary
      • First, fill out our Registration form
      • Second, email your executive summary to hwr2@duke.edu
        • PDF or Word file - Name the file "[team name] [functional track name] Executive Summary"
      • Note: In a change, we will *not* be using YouNoodle
  • ~35 Finalists Selected on Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011
    • At least one per track
    • Functional Tracks 
      • Energy & Environment
      • Healthcare & Life Sciences
      • IT & Media
      • Products & Services (Miscellaneous)
      • Social Enterprises
    • Special-Interest Tracks (bonus track, if you meet the criteria for the track)
      • First-time Entrepreneurs
      • Women-led Startups
  • Meet our Finalists!
  • Finalists' Business Plans and Investor Pitch Slides Due on Thursday, June 9, 2011 at 12 noon ET
    • Powerpoint-based pitch (slides will be emailed to judges in advance)
    • We suggest you consider the 10/20/30 format suggested by Guy Kawasaki, with the caveat you'll only have 7 minutes to pitch.
    • Instructions for submission of business plans and investor pitches
      • Name the files "[team name] [functional track name] Business Plan" and  "[team name] [functional track name] Investor Pitch"
      • Email to hwr2@duke.edu
  • Investor Pitches presented via audio conference call 
    • Top few teams per track pitch to a panel of judges - 7 minutes to pitch, 7 minutes of Q&A
    • All calls start at 1:30pm ET.  Your exact time is on our Finalist Listings page
    • Call-in number was sent to you by email
      • Tues, June 21 - Products & Services 
      • Wed, June 22 - Healthcare & Life Sciences 
      • Thurs, June 23 - IT & Media (Group 1) 
      • Mon, June 27 - Social Enterprises -
      • Tues, June 28 - Women-led Startups 
      • Wed, June 29 - Energy & Environment 
      • Thurs, June 30 - IT & Media (Group 2)
    • Top companies (as selected by the judges for each track) get recognition in an update to DukeGEN members in July 2011

Note: This event has already happened (2011).  Future alumni Duke Start-Up Challenge events are now incorporated into the main competition at www.dukestartupchallenge.org

October 2010: Duke alumni pitch their startups in NYC at a DukeGEN event

May 2010: Duke alumni pitch their startups in San Francisco at a DukeGEN event

Hosted by 
  • Howie Rhee (Fuqua '04)
  • Danni Lin (Trinity '12) - Event Manager
  • Reid Lewis (Trinity '84)
  • Jen Beall (Trinity '05)
  • Erin Gasch (Trinity '95, Fuqua '03) - ex-officio
  • George Dorfman (Trinity '85, Graduate School '01) - ex-officio

Questions? Contact Danni Lin at idl2@duke.edu and Howie Rhee at hwr2@duke.edu 
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