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Note: These rules are for an event that has already happened (2011).  Future alumni Duke Start-Up Challenge events are now incorporated into the main competition at www.dukestartupchallenge.org

In general the rules of the Alumni Track are the same as that for the regular student-focused Duke Start-Up Challenge. Those rules can be found here.

The major difference is, obviously, that the teams in the Alumni Track are led by Duke alumni.

Clarifications on Eligibility:
  • Teams that are "led" by Duke alumni should mean that a Duke alumnus is one of the key members of the management team, possibly also as a co-founder.  
  • In the case where a team is led by two people, one a Duke alumnus, and the other a student, we will lean towards categorizing it as eligible only for the Alumni Track.
  • In the case where the team is led by a Duke alumnus who is currently a student at Duke (say in the graduate school), we will have them compete in the student-focused Duke Start-Up Challenge.
  • In the case where the person competing has just graduated before the first deadline of the Alumni Track, we will categorize them as an alumnus.
  • We reserve the right to decide eligibility at any time, and to amend the eligibility rules at any time. Our main goal is fairness and to create a reasonably level-playing field where alumni compete against alumni, and students compete against students.
  • It is fine for teams to have received capital/investment. 

Clarification on Prizes:
  • The prize pool is separate for the student-focused competition.  Specifically, the student-focused competition is not available to the Alumni Track. 
  • At this time, there is no prize money for the Alumni Track. Though we plan to add more prizes in the future (which may even include in the middle of the competition). 
  • In the past we have provided recognition, networking connections to a couple Duke investors, and even a bottle of wine, if appropriate.