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Competitor Deliverables Spring 2011

This page refers to an event which has already been completed in the Spring of 2011
  1. You have until Friday 3/24 at midnight to update your business plans. We realize that just over one day is a short turnaround but we need to send the plans to the finals judges so they can read them and this opportunity is just to address any small changes you might want to make after today's event. The page limit rules from the semi-finals apply. Please send in the plans with any updates you may have to (redacted) If you don't intend to update your plan, in your reply to this email please let us know.
  2. You will be making Investor Pitches at the Investor Pitch Finals Event to be held on Thursday, March 31. 
      Food and drink will be available starting at 6pm and t
     he event will start at 7pm
    . These pitches will again have a format of 7 minutes for the pitch and 3 minutes for QA.
     These will determine the winners of the $50,000 Grand Prize. We will send out an email with more details on logistics for this event early next week, but note that you can update your powerpoint or other materials, which will be due Wednesday 3/30 by midnight so we can load them on the computer the next day.
  3. In addition to this, you will be required to make elevator pitches on Friday April 8, at the Grand Finale event. We will send out more details about this event shortly after the finals event on 3/31. This is when the winner will be announced.
  4. Judge bios were sent by email
  5. Interviews with most of the judges are online on the Finals page http://www.dukestartupchallenge.org/2010-2011/finals
  6. We sent out feedback forms from the Semi-finals judges to everyone, let us know if you didn't get them.
  7. Remember that if you win the Grand Prize, and you won a track prize (Undergrad, Women, Products & Services, Social), the track prize goes to the Runner-up in the Track
  8. This will be live on Ustream
  9. No audience choice award for the Investor Pitch Finals
  10. The Competitor Manager is Dovina Qu, you will need to check-in with her before the event.
  11. Pitch Order (randomly generated) and Check-in Times
    1. 70Sesame 0.025425 (Check-in at 5:20pm)
    2. HyTower 0.068991 (Check-in at 5:30pm)
    3. Medici 0.291354 (Check-in at 5:40pm)
    4. Sidewalk 0.636744 (Check-in at 5:50pm)
    5. ShelfRelief 0.732424 (Check-in at 6:00pm)
    6. Accion 0.813091 (Check-in at 6:10pm)
    7. E-Clean 0.892743  (Check-in at 6:20pm)

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