Feedback from Judges

Feedback Forms

Change: To keep the feedback forms more private, each track's feedback forms will now be emailed to your team leads!

Remember, the scores in the feedback forms were not used determine the winner of each track. Rather, they did a separate secret ballot voting process.

100 Points Scoring

Below are the actual scores (aggregated). If a team did not receive points, they are not listed.  As a reminder, each judge had 100 points to allocate to up to 3 teams in a track.

Energy & Environment

Hytower  270
World of Pellets 60
Waste to Watts 50
Dynamo Micropower 20


Medici 235
Camras 95
Hydrangle 30
Docendi 25
ProBiop 15

IT & Media

Epistem 145 (disqualified after the event due to investment in the company which violated our rules)
Sidewalk 135
FingrPrint 95
Watu  25

Products & Services (Misc)

ShelfRelief  240
Power on the Go 70
Drive Safe 30
Frooty Yooty 30
70Sesame 20
Insightful 10

Social Enterprises

Accion 100
Represent.ME 70
Shared Roots 50
Universal Water Supply 45
Human Capital 35

Undergraduate-led Startups

70 Sesame 150
ShelfRelief 80
Fortis 70
Represent.Me 50
Fingrprint 50

Women-led Startups

E-Clean 200
Asclecia 58
Little Black Box Group 42