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Elevator Pitch Competition

The Elevator Pitch Competition runs from  November 8th through 18th. Any Duke student (undergrad or grad), or postdoc can participate. 

Here's how it works: 

  • There are 8 Qualifying Track events 

    (5 Functional Tracks, 3 Special-Interest Tracks).  

  • Each team gets one minute to pitch their idea to a panel of judges, and will be asked one question.  

  • For each track there will be an Audience Choice winner and a Judge's Choice winner for a total of

     16 Finalists  

    • In addition, there is a $150 prize for the Best Freshmen Team (composed entirely of freshmen), selected by the judges

The 16 Finalists will advance to the Elevator Pitch Finals with Will Pearson '01 of mental_floss, where they will give their elevator pitch again to another panel of judges, and the following prizes will be awarded:
  • $5000 for the Judge's Choice prize
  • $750 for the People's Choice prize, selected that night via text-messaging
  • $750 for the Best Pitch Delivery, selected by the judges

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