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Grand Finale

This event has already taken place as of 4/20/2012.  Click here for the 2013 event.

All Duke students, alumni, faculty, staff, parents, and invited guests are welcome to join us for the Grand Finale of the 13th Annual Duke Start-Up Challenge. Over 100 Duke student teams entered the Duke Start-Up Challenge this year. At the Grand Finale event, three teams will give their final pitch, and one will win the $50,000 Grand Prize. Join us and help us select the winner. Be sure to check out this exciting event. 

  • Grand Finale of the 13th Annual Duke Start-Up Challenge
  • Keynote by Rich Lee, former CEO of Hosted Solutions
  • Friday, April 20, 2012
  • 7:30 – 9:30 p.m.
  • Geneen Auditorium, Fuqua School of Business
  • RSVP on Facebook
    • One audience member will win an iPad. Must be in attendance to win.
    • And get your photo taken with the Blue Devil!  He'll be there before the event.

The following three teams will present for a chance at $50,000:

  • Nanoly - Using a Nano-Sized Solution to Solve a Macro-Sized Problem: enabling cheap, convenient, and safe delivery of vaccines to anywhere in the world.

The following teams round out the finalist pool, and will give one minute elevator pitches:

  • Alma Matters - Alma Matters is an integrated crowdfunding social network that brings together creative university students and established Alumni for the purpose of igniting innovative research and development, free of institutional bureaucracy.
    • Tyler Nisonoff, Trinity College, 2015, tyler.nisonoff@duke.edu
    • Avinash Moondra, Trinity College, 2015, avinash.moondra@duke.edu
    • Robert Ravanshenas, Trinity College, 2015, robert.ravanshenas@duke.edu
    • Michael Baker, Trinity College, 2015, michael.f.baker@duke.edu
    • Chinmay Patwardhan, Pratt School of Engineering, 2015, chinmay.patwardhan@duke.edu
  • Edge Athletics - Resistance Training Apparel provides significant resistance to athletes during their sport-specific training. This added resistance during training will help to build greater strength, speed, and endurance, resulting in better game-time performance.
    • Kenny Osakwe, Trinity '12, kno@duke.edu  
    • Rasheed Wiggins, Trinity ’99 and Fuqua ’10, rwiggins38@hotmail.com 
  • radius - radius is a revolutionary tool that aims to bridge the disconnect between the physical and digital worlds.
    • David Herzka, Pratt '12, dgh11@duke.edu 
    • Jason Tian, Pratt, tjt4@duke.edu
  • SafeTNA - We build the tools for trust.
    • Justine Chow, Nicholas School of the Environment '12, jsc38@duke.edu  
    • Adam Rigel, Fuqua School of Business and Nicholas School of the Environment '13, acr21@duke.edu
    • David Roche, Duke Law and Nicholas School of the Environment '13, dfr5@duke.edu
    • Jake Rudulph, Nicholas School of the Environment '12, jgr17@duke.edu
    • Paul-Harvey Weiner, Pratt School of Engineering and Nicholas School of the Environment '12, ppw2@duke.edu
  • Wrainbo Home Care - Provide certified professionals to serve high-end elderly home care market in China's tier 1 cities
    • Duke Wong, Fuqua School of Business '12, duke.wong@fuqua.duke.edu
    • Jean Wong, Fuqua School of Business '12, jean.wong@fuqua.duke.edu
    • Ray Zhan, Fuqua School of Business '12, ray.zhan@fuqua.duke.edu
    • Yixue Zhou, Fuqua School of Business '12, yixue.zhou@fuqua.duke.edu
    • Robert Huang, Fuqua School of Business '12, robert.huang@fuqua.duke.edu
    • Yang Shen, Fuqua School of Business '12, yang.shen@fuqua.duke.edu

Next steps:

Scoring Methodology
  • The Judges' Votes will count for 80% of the vote.  The Audience Choice Votes will count for 20% of the vote.  In the unlikely case of a tie, the People's Choice Vote (Facebook Poll) will serve as the tiebreaker.