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Round 3

Student Competition: Round 3 Teams

After starting with about 80 teams, our pool of several hundred judges have selected the top teams.

Pending eligibility verification, these teams will be in the Duke Startup Challenge over the summer and may be given the opportunity to pitch at Demo Day in the Fall.

  • DOKSTA Medical Education Company

    • Doksta is a medical education company that provides full spectrum of online educational services that guarantee success for the Nigerian medical student. Through our all-inclusive, user-friendly, on demand, mobile/web-based educational app, we provide comprehensive board preparation materials that guarantee increased pass rates, an online networking community that fosters collaboration among students, and a recruitment platform that ensures that well trained physicians can access high quality jobs on graduation. Our board preparation materials include high quality, thoroughly vetted question, answer sets, and illustrative diagrams, along with technology that allows students to tailor their learning to their individual strengths. Perhaps the most unique feature of this tool is that our question sets are curated and reviewed by faculty from various institutions across the nation. This design allows faculty to emphasize concepts they feel are most important, saving the student significant time and effort. We also host virtual classrooms and blog pages where faculty can teach, share articles, recommend lectures and suggest exam preparation tips. Our online community provides students with access to medical students and professionals both within their local institutions and across other medical institutions in Nigeria. Through this service, students can engage with colleagues, organize study groups, and stay updated on the latest research and advances in the medical field. Students can also share study tips that worked and best practices for success. Finally, our recruitment service ensures that students are aware of the most attractive job opportunities in the area and have direct access to recruiters and potential employers. Our overarching goal is to increase pre-exam confidence levels, post-exam pass rates, post-graduation employment, and most importantly solve the problem of poor physician preparation that translates to a less competent workforce and terrible health outcomes for patients.

    • Teminioluwa Ajayi, School at Duke, Graduation Year, Email address

  • Doppel API (formerly Nimbus.ai)

    • Doppel API is an application programming interface (API) that provides an easy to use and rapidly scalable solution to companies’ lack of data for training their ML and DL algorithms. Doppel API users input a custom data schema and the API’s state of the art deep learning algorithms will train models that can continuously create massive amounts of data fitting that schema. These models are adaptive and fully customizable, so Doppel API handles data requests ranging from creating facebook users to writing sentences to constructing DNA sequences. Customers in nearly every machine learning market can use Doppel API to solve two problems associated with gathering problem specific data: creating the data itself and curating it to be in the optimal format for a ML or DL algorithm.

    • James Wu, Trinity College @ Duke University, 2018, james.c.wu@duke.edu

    • Allen Lu, School of Computer Science @ Carnegie Mellon University, 2018, arlu@andrew.cmu.edu

  • GO Leaf

    • GO Leaf produces Graphene - a revolutionary material that is a million times thinner than paper, 1000 times more conductive than copper, and 200 times stronger than structural steel. It can be used in applications ranging from energy generation to tissue engineering. Its lightweight, thin, and flexible composition has sparked scientists to begin calling it the "wonder material" of our time. Graphene is a one-atom thick layer of carbon. To put that in perspective, a sheet of Graphene as thick as saran wrap would take the weight of an elephant to puncture.

    • Arsheen Allam, School at Duke, Graduation Year, Email address

  • LivingLab

    • LivingLab is a platform for helping individuals find roommates and groups of roommates find rental property. The process of renting property with roommates is miserable. It is difficult to find individuals that you can trust, while simultaneously finding a house that meets the group’s preferences for budget, timing and location. We simplify the search process by simultaneously considering an individual’s preferences for housing and roommates. In doing so, we help customers create the perfect home that extends beyond just the walls being rented.

    • Team

  • MiResource

    • MiResource aims to be a one stop shop where anyone from anywhere can go onto a patient centric platform and find the right mental health resources in their local area that meet their exact needs. We want to help connect patients to the right therapist for them so that they don't have to wait any longer from their start to recovery. We want to help make mental health care accessible no matter where you are and what your situation is.

    • Mackenzie Drazan, School at Duke, Graduation Year, Email address

  • MoyoMedical Technologies

MoyoMedical Technologies is designing a urine-based point-of-care early diagnostic test strip which expectant mothers can use at home to self-screen for preeclampsia so they know when to seek medical care. Without routine prenatal care screenings, knowing when complications are developing and when it becomes critical to seeking medical care is essential to the reduction of preeclampsia and eclampsia, and saving thousands of mothers and babies from preventable harm.

Team Names

  • OptiML

    • Description of your company

    • Your Name, School at Duke, Graduation Year, Email address

  • PeerKonnect

    • PeerKonnect licenses peer tutoring software to high schools to empower them to build sustainable, efficient peer tutoring programs and healthy, collaborative learning environments at their schools. Most schools recognize the numerous, mutual benefits of peer tutoring for both tutors and tutees, but lack an efficient way of creating a good peer tutoring program due to the time and resources required to build one using traditional methods. PeerKonnect allows students to find and schedule tutoring sessions with each other, while allowing administrators to oversee all activity and gain more insight on how to best help their students, enabling schools to provide better help to more students.

    • Ray Liu, Trinity, 2020, ray.h.liu24@gmail.com

  • Voltabase

    • Unlike any other drone companies, Voltabase uniquely provides a mobile, automated sprayer drone system for smart, precision farming. When a sprayer drone's battery and fluid is low, it lands on a trailer to replace the battery and refill fluids (pesticide, herbicide, fertilizer, and etc.). Equipped with a smart battery charging station, Voltabase requires only a few batteries to operate flight missions continuously. Voltabase is for the farmers who want to speed up the pesticide control process precisely, environmentally, and cost effectively, and those who already use pesticide drones. It reduces the downtime from 10 min to 2 min, increase the maximum daily coverage area by 75% and makes spraying drone operations fast, safe and affordable. It is the game changer for the future agriculture and a platform for a drone smart farming system.

    • However, drone’s short flight time limits its applications and this is the place where Voltabase comes in.

    • Gaemin “Kai” Lee, Pratt, 2018, kai@voltabase.com

    • Yiyao “Yao” Yuan, Pratt, 2019, yy123@duke.edu

  • Zogo Finance (formerly BlinkCard)

    • Description of your company

Zogo finance, a Duke-backed startup, is a mobile financial literacy platform that aims help teenagers build financial wellness for life. At Zogo, we want to give parents control and peace of mind when managing their child’s money, while simultaneously helping teens learn the value of financial wellness throughout their dayto- day life. There are two mobile banking applications created by Zogo: one for parents and one for teenagers. The apps allow parents and teenagers to add their existing debit card to the app and start using it right away.

Bolun, Trinity, 2021, bolun@zogofinance.com