2001 Phase III Participants

Vamsee K. Pamula, Michael G. Pollack, Vijay Srinivasan, and Jeremy E. Usher
OmnipreSense will design, develop, and market the next generation of human-computer interface devices for a world in which there is a computer on every person. These products will enable the computer to non-intrusively interact with humans and become a more natural part of our environment.

Since winning the Duke Start-Up Challenge, OmnipreSense has presented their plan to many Venture Capital firms and spoken with several angels who are interested in investing. The team is carefully reviewing the potential funding options, the terms and conditions proposed by these potential investors. In the meantime, the team is actively developing their product and expects to have a prototype this fall. They have used the prize money toward development and fabrication of this prototype.

Jason G. LaRose and Nathan Wain
Plastech has designed a new bottle design that drastically reduces the substantial and increasing labor costs associated with refilling and cleaning conventional plastic condiment-dispensers.

Carolinas Monthly Media Group
Michael Orren and Scott Keane
Carolinas Monthly Media group is launching a regional magazine that will be the cornerstone of a high-growth publishing enterprise. Carolinas Monthly will be a high-quality lifestyle-focused magazine that will fill an underserved reader and advertiser niche.

As a result of the Duke Start-Up Challenge, Carolinas Monthly was covered in several publications that reach its prime investor demographic. Winnings from the competition were used to further refine our business plan, which we have presented to several potential investors.

David Allen, Eric Hession, and Craig Ostrander
eCapX.com is the Internets first Commercial Loan Exchange, designed to provide an empowering, open market forum for commercial borrowers - while providing an enabler for lending institutions through a proprietary technology platform.

Option Technologies
Lara Abbott, Greg Blair, Sharon Flynn, Bruce Klitzman, Jason LaRose, Patrick Lee, Dan Shellenbarger, and Bill Wiseman
Option Technologies will propel the expanding tattoo market through its patented technology for new tattoo inks. These new inks enable the creation of uniquely colored, fluorescent, disappearing, and non-permanent tattoos.