Rob Marshall (Fuqua ‘07), Sylvain Hanssen (MEM student), Adam Wax (Faculty, BME), Hannah Polikov (Law), Sharath Beedu (Fuqua ‘07), William Brown (Research Scientist, BME), John Pyhtila (PhD student, BME)

First Place Overall ($25,000) & Healthcare Track Winner ($5,000)

Oncoscope, Inc. will develop, market, and produce novel optical biopsy systems for detecting pre-cancerous cells which will improve the accuracy of screening procedures while reducing costs and time spent.

Spectrum Surgical
John Schultz (Fuqua ‘07), Gabriel Howles (PhD Student, Pratt), Andrea Pawliczek (Fuqua ‘07), Carl Erickson (Fuqua ‘07), Nimmi Ramanujam (Faculty, BME)

Runner-Up ($10,000)
Spectrum Diagnostics is a medical device company developing
innovative optical tools to improve the efficacy of cancer surgery.

Steve Williams (Fuqua ‘07), John Mooney

Consumer Products/Services Track Winner ($5,000)

Chutney is a quick service restaurant concept offering Indian wraps catered towards the western palate. Chutney intends to capitalize on the growing consumer demand for health conscious ethnic food served at a reasonable price.
Green Cooling Group
Daniel Corkum (Trinity ‘09), Rosanna Myers (Trinity ‘09)

Hi-Technology Track Winner ($5,000)
The Green Cooling Group has developed an environmentally-friendly “Green” technology to chill water and other liquids roughly 120 times more efficiently than current solutions. Modern water coolers and drinking fountains can use up more energy per year than a large refrigerator — in cities each unit can cost hundreds of dollars per year to run. Our fully functional prototype costs roughly five dollars per year to run, has only three moving parts, cost one third as much as a regular water cooler to manufacture, and can fit in a shoe box.
Full Belly Project
Benjamin Abram (Pratt ‘07), Roey Rosenblith, Benjamin Salinas, William Patrick (Pratt ‘10), Lee Pearson (Pratt ‘08), Damjan Denoble (Trinity ‘07), Danika Barry (UNC)

Social Enterprise Track ($5,000)
The Full Belly Project seeks to distribute Universal Nut Shellers (UNS) in an effort initially to service Ugandan peanut farmers. Our pedal powered UNS has been equipped with a peanut shelling accessory. Ugandan farmers and coops will shell their crops with our device before they bring their nuts to market, and the shells will be sold to a Ugandan cement subsidary, Hima, as a cheaper, cleaner fuel. This network will be a pilot for using the UNS to shell other crops (including jatropha, coffee, macadamia nuts, etc.) worldwide.
3S, Inc.
Amarpreet Chawla (PhD student, BME), Sounak Banerji, James Sund (PhD student, ECE), Ehsan Samci (Faculty)

Honorable Mention, Phase III Finalist
3S, Inc., 3D Stereoscopic Screening Systems - “Adding a new dimension to x-ray screening technology” with intuitive target visualization for healthcare and homeland security. 3S, Inc. is a startup company that will build and market an innovative device based on a patentable x-ray imaging technology and 3D image rendering algorithm, which has recently been developed by Duke Advanced Imaging Labs at Duke University. Compared to incumbent 2D x-ray imaging systems, this system will enable faster and more accurate detection of target objects ranging from explosives in baggage to cancer in human body.
Action With Purpose, Inc.
Rasheed Wiggins (Duke Alum ‘99), Brent Cash (Trinity ‘08)

Honorable Mention, Phase III Finalist
Action With Purpose, Incorporated (AWP, Inc.) is a faith-based mobile software development company operating within the growing $10 Billion mobile content industry. More specifically, our proprietary system analyses the principles highlighted in Christian self-improvement books, creates personalized action items to complement those principles, and delivers those action items to mobile devices such as cell-phones and PDA´s. These action items assist people in effectively and consistently applying the principles they learn from this faith-based content into their daily lives, helping them improve life areas such as spirituality, health, finances, and relationships.
Glen Rabito (Pratt), Timothy Antonelli (Pratt), Marty Brunworth (Pratt), Archana Ranawat (Pratt), Valerie Speth (Pratt), Batul Tambawalla (Pratt), Catherine Williams (Nursing), Silver Wang (Pratt), Genoveva Wong (Pratt), Zhenyu Yang (Pratt)

Best Tradeshow Preformance ($5,000)
The Innovators in HOPE are developing a low cost infant incubator designed for developing countries. The incubator will be easy to use, highly durable, low weight, and cost effective.
Committee Co-Chairs
Colleen Chelini (Fuqua ‘07), Sarah Fox Roberts (PhD candidate, BME), Mike Pisetsky (Fuqua/Law ‘08)
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