First Place Overall ($25,000) & Healthcare Track Winner ($5,000)

Cerene Biomedics 
Heidi Koschwanez (PhD candidate, BME), Christina Li (PhD student, BME), Carolyn Nohejl (MS student, BME), Vivek Sasikumar (Fuqua ‘08), John Stroncek (PhD student, BME)

Cerene Biomedics is developing an implantable device which delivers localized cooling the surface of the brain to prevent epileptic seizures. Although cooling has been shown to stop seizures safely and effectively in human and animal studies for decades, this therapy has been technically unfeasible to date. Cerene Biomedics has the enabling technology to develop a responsive device which applies cooling to the surface of abnormally functioning brain tissue to stop seizures on abnormally functioning brain tissue before they occur.

Overall Runner-Up ($10,000) & Social Track Winner ($5,000)
Water Plus
Naman Shah, Saket Vora, Joel Thomas, J.E. (Win) Bassett IV, Kari Leech, Will Patrick (Trinity, ‘10)
People’s Choice Trade Show Winner ($1,000)
Game Everything
Ferol Vernon (Fuqua ‘09), Mausam Bhatt (Fuqua ‘09)
Game everything provides a web-based framework for people to create games based on their everyday life. Our game creating platform will allow users to combine a game they already know how to play (American Idol, fantasy football) with a set of events that already happen in their life (school, office, or family events), to create a fun, familiar game that is relevant to their life.

Hi-Technology Track Winner ($5,000)
A-B-Sea Research

Al Basilico, John Galetsky, Jennifer Artabane (Fuqua, ‘08)

Consumer Products Track Winner ($5,000)
Luke Fishback, Sarah Kate Fishback (Fuqua, ‘09)
VisibleEnegy will provide residential power consumers with an energy monitoring device and an online community. The monitoring device will deliver a low-cost data feed from the consumer’s electricity meter to the VisibleEnergy data processing center. Our website will translate usage into meaningful terms, allow users to compare their consumption with similar homes, and provide tailored recommendations for cost and energy savings.

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Committee Co-Chairs
Hylton Kalvaria (Fuqua ‘08), Kris Irwin (Fuqua, ‘08),Steve Allan (Fuqua, ‘08)

Pictures from the Finals event are available here: http://picasaweb.google.com/eshipatduke/DukeStartUpChallengeFinals2008# (Photo credit: Howie Rhee)