Refresh Innovations

Virtually any of the 35 million contact lens users in the US can tell you about a time where they wanted to remove, refresh and store their contacts, but couldn’t because they didn’t have a case or solution to do so.

Our solution is The Contact Lens Refresh Card- an ultra slim, all-in-one contact lens case and multipurpose solution package.  Our patent-pending design is the size of a credit card, disposable, and convenient to carry at all times.  The final design is the result of over 11 months of work, 425 user interviews, and 34 design iterations.

Our idea was born from design thinking and the lean startup methodology.  Through need finding, empathy mapping, and prototyping, we’ve discovered a passion for solving real problems for real people.  Our team is obsessed with creating beautifully designed products that balance functionality with convenience and seamlessly integrate into your life.

To learn more, contact the team:

  • Matt Pleatman, Pratt, 2013,
  • Collin Walter, Trinity, 2007

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