Dear Duke alumnus,

As the incoming Presidents of the Duke Start-Up Challenge, we would like to invite you to join our community of innovators!  A Duke-wide organization, the Duke Start-Up Challenge is growing fast and gaining momentum, but we need your help to firmly establish this organization as one of the top three start-up competitions in the nation.

Through the below link, you will see some of the programs that Duke University will be hosting in 2010-2011 to continue fostering an environment primed to discovering and nurturing new business and social ventures.


We hope that you will help sponsor the Duke Start-Up Challenge!

Thank you and best regards,

Meghan Gallagher, Fuqua '11
Jonathan Lee, Fuqua '11
Timothy Canavan, Nicholas/Fuqua '12
Vidhan Agrawal, Pratt '12
Howie Rhee, Fuqua '04, Co-Advisor
Barry Myers, Co-Advisor